Hourly or retainer-based consultancy

Our combined experience and wide network in China and Asia-Pacific allow us to provide intelligent solutions tailor-made to brands’ unique communication challenges in China.

Strategy Papers

Documents outlining key research findings and strategic recommendations for implementation. These can include:

  • Consumer/stakeholder audits
  • First-hand market research
  • Integrated and creative campaign activation ideas

Toolkits / Briefing Documents

Comprehensive and specialised communication guidelines to be shared internally with all relevant employees/stakeholders, helping brands optimise and standardise internal communication processes within China and across geographies. These include:

  • Messaging guidelines
  • Social media management guidelines
  • Crisis action plans


Practical communication workshops designed to maximise confidence and efficiency in senior management and spokespersons dealing with media or brand reputation issues. These include:

  • Spokesperson training
  • Crisis workshops and simulations
  • Branding workshops