Growing at twice the speed of the US and European countries, China offers huge opportunities for brands to grow their global consumer base, both in China and around the world. But this rapid economic growth has come along with significant and ongoing shifts in consumption habits, the retail environment, regulations on how brands can communicate, and even cultural values.

Drawing from a wealth of experience advising international brands and groups on integrated marketing communications and reputation management in China, we specialise in developing concrete and comprehensive strategies based on real market intelligence to address priorities of businesses in China.

Through in-depth research, market audits and analysis, we provide communication solutions for businesses to thrive in China.

Here are just a few:

  • How to navigate the complexity of China’s changing digital landscape
  • What are the implications when working with Chinese key opinion leaders and celebrities
  • What are the risks linked to image and reputation around Asia
  • How to prioritise channels when developing communication and marketing plans in China
  • How to assess the value of media spend in China
  • How to integrate and adapt brand assets for the China market
  • When and how to address reputation threats
  • How to optimise internal response to reputation threats, across departments, offices and geographies
  • Who are the most influential stakeholders to engage
  • What industry platforms and forums are the most credible / influential
  • Who are your potential consumers in China, and how to they see you
  • Who are the perceived competitors in your segment, and how do they speak